Kreativ sein heißt : reich an Ideen zu sein.       Ein freier Denker, ein Forscher, ein Künstler, ein Philosoph , hinterfragt, analysiert, erkennt, vewendet und entwickelt. Er erschafft zB. Neue Wege. „Neue Brücken“. Er bietet Optionen. Er weist auf Informationen.  Unsere Denkweise ist dafür verantwortlich, ob wir, klare Lösungen, finden, ob wir leiden […]

Weiterlesen "IDEEN machen REICH."

a) Authentic Power.

It feels good when I am aware.

It makes me feel grateful, to know and see results.

I experience, I reflect, I learn, I write, I talk, I share, I inspire, I grow.

I feel grateful, right now.

I know I have a lot to give.

Not affraid to open up to myself, anymore. 

I learned a lot from my own past. 

And if I failed, I stood up again.

And if someone tried to hurt me, I reflected myself again.

I went far.

I explored different things.

I explored my own mind.

I requested my past in order to leave my past behind.

I can use my own personal story to learn and grow.

It took me years to understand my human mind and I learned how to deal with myself and others.

I just did not want to stay blind.

So, I listen to myself and others, carefully.

There is a negative way to think, a positive, a neutral way to think and a interesting way to turn bad ideas into good, or bad experiences into – life lessons, that can help you and others, to become who you are and meant to be. 



With hope, for change.





Weiterlesen "a) Authentic Power."